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Easy Christmas Macaron Ideas

With Christmas coming in only….17 DAYS!!! You all must be thinking of new ideas to bake macarons. Today I come with some ideas I figured would be easy to complete. Much of these came from inspiration on pinterest.

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DIY: Cute Macaron Packaging Ideas

When it comes to macarons, we all know how creative one can get with the cookies. Whether its the color, shape or flavor, you can get really creative and experiment with new ideas and techniques.

BUT, you can also get pretty creative with packaging macarons as well! I always believe that details matters, even the small ones,  therefore a cute packaging for your macaron cookies will definitely seal the deal – especially if you’re giving them away as a favors or gifts (check out one of my previous blog DIY: Macaron for Weddings for similar ideas).

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DIY: Macarons for Weddings

A fun and cute use for macarons (other than eating) would be for weddings! Macarons are great for wedding favors, on the treat table or even as a wedding cake.

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-06-08-pmMacarons are delicate and admired deserts that can come in all sorts of cute shapes and colors. Therefore giving one or two packaged macaron to your wedding guests will be a crowd-pleaser! you can get really creatiscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-9-05-54-pmve with how you package them too. Continue reading