Review: Chantal Guillon Macarons

chantal-guillonOver Thanksgiving break, I was visiting San Francisco with my family and we came across a macaron shop named, Chantal Guillon. I’ve heard of the shop before, because they also have a location in Palo Alto and some of my friends have gone there. I decided to give it a try and give you all a review!




oThere is nothing bad I can say. The shop is so cute once you step in! It seems like a colorless store through a window, but once you’re inside, the macarons are what livens up the place and makes it colorful. There is so many flavors to pick from, it was definitely hard for me to choose. The flavors taste great, pistachio and salted caramel has to be my fave!

These do run on the high end though, with a dozen costing $27.50 and half a dozen at $13.50. So a little over $2 a macaron. Some might say the cost will be a problem, but in my opinion these could just be a little splurge whenever you’re in town, or in need a of sweet pick me up!

I definitely recommend trying at least once!

Chantal Guillon

437 Hayes St
Ste A
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Octavia St & Gough St
Hayes Valley



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