Signs of A Bad Macaron


It takes a lot of skill for one to perfect the recipe of a macaron. I’ve tried it several times myself and have yet been successful in making tasty macarons, let alone edible ones. However, I’ve eaten many macarons from professional bakeries to know what makes a macaron good and what makes it bad.

  1. Rock hard shell: Some macarons come pre-made and are refrigerated while in the bakeries. With these kinds of macarons, their shells harden like rocks. Sometimes it takes a little thawing out for it taste better and soften up. In other cases, a rock hard shell is a sign that the macaron is old and has been sitting out for a few days (ew!)
  2. Dry center: A tasty macaron will have a moist center, it’s a perfect combination with the crunch of the outside shell. A dry center is a no-no.
  3. Center filling to shell ratio: A delicious macaron has just the right amount of filling in the middle. Whether it’s jelly, ganache, or buttercream, there should not be too much or too little.
  4. Cracked shell: Details and presentations are everything, if the store is selling you a cracked macaron, I would question their business (Seriously).

Of course I am no professional, just a macaron enthusiast. These are all just some details that I like to pay attention to when eating macarons.